YOUR DIVINE GPS (Be Led Of The Spirit)

1 Corinthians 14:15 “What is the conclusion then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will also pray with the understanding. I will sing with the spirit, and I will also sing with the understanding.”

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near Earth. When you’re in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, for example, a GPS navigation device can help you pinpoint your location and find your way around easily.

Praying in tongues works very much like spiritual GPS. It helps you understand situations accurately so you can be rightly positioned and led by the Spirit of God. It gets you synchronised with the will, purpose, and timing of God. Remember that God knows everything in your heart even before you pray to Him. Hence, the kind of prayer that appeals to Him is that which is in line with His Word.

Jesus said, “And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words” (Matthew 6:7). You’re different, however, because you’ve got a spiritual language that enables you to communicate effectively with the Father. It helps you to know the mind of God and understand His purpose and plans for your life. It programmes you to recognise His perfect timing and positions you rightly at all times.


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🎯 Go Deeper
1 Corinthians 14:39; Jude 1:20

🔊 Speak
My spirit is sensitised to know God’s will and purpose for me. I walk in the path of divine destiny, fulfilling God’s perfect will for me. I thank you, Father, for the tremendous blessings and impact of your Word in my life, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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📚 Your Bible Reading

Mark 5:1-20, Leviticus 19-21

Matthew 16:13-20, Exodus 2

▶️ Act
Pray in other tongues for 5 minutes right now.

✍️ Make Some Notes

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■”O Lord God, I believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He’s alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His name, I have eternal life; I’m born again. Thank you Lord, for saving my soul! I’m now a child of God. Hallelujah! “

Congratulations!😊 You’re now Born Again!

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