What can be enough to give to the One who paid a highest prize for the whole world?Ever wonder what you can give or do for Jesus Christ in return for what He has done, that’s worth what He did for humanity in other to bring them into the life of eternity?

He didn’t just come to lay down His life for us and return back to heaven, nope! Something prompted Him to come into this world and that thing is called Agape Love. The God kind of Love!

Alot of people tend to live their lives anyhow it pleases them and never cared to know if they’re hurting Jesus Christ the Son of God. You may not care but He cares for you and I.

Jesus isn’t coming to die for you and I again, it’s our responsibility now to live for Him alone. Let Jesus glorify in you by seeing you and I living our lives just for Him alone, because He truly deserves it from us.

Did you know He desires to see us living and doing things for His Kingdom growth?

Despite the fact He layed down His life for us, yet Hes’s not mad at you and your flops, He only wants you to dust yourself and follow Him. He said, “Follow me, and i will make you fishers of men.”

He commanded us to go ye into the world and preach the Gospel, reconciling men, women both young and old with Him, preaching to all creatures on the entire world about His coming and telling the untold about the Kingdom of God which is at hand, baptising them, healing them. You may wanna ask Rosalynda Why this? Because His Kingdom is at hand, Jesus will soon be here and He wish that we draw all men, all women and all the nations of the earth to Him before its too late.

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world after all the hustling and bustling of this life and then lose his soul in hell? You’re important to God and He needs you now. Don’t procrastinate your salvation or doubt in your heart about accepting Christ now. Tomorrow might be too late for you, so don’t lose your soul in hell. Your soul, my soul are very important to God. That’s why He desires to see you come to Him now. He’s our saviour and our best friend. He’s Our Comforter. He’s that friend that sticks closer than our parents and love ones. He’s the Father to the fatherless, Mother to the motherless and only Him gives hope to the hopeless and help to the needy.

So you don’t have any reason not to follow Him now. Do not be hard-hearted, it’s of the devil. It’s God’s desire not to see you rot in hell. His coming is so so near and He wants us to preach this Gospel to everything that has breathe. He wants us to fellowship with Him often in Spirit and in truth. This may not be your first time of hearing this but we preach to help people not to miss heaven. Cos’ if you’d miss heaven, you’ll definitely endup in hell. But God forbid. I pray that you don’t harden up your heart due to unbelieve.

His intentions are pure and yet for our good, because the time is too short. He has given us a mandate before ascending back to heaven and that mandate is for every living soul to win souls, to preach of the Kingdom of God which is at hand. Jesus is coming again, and He’s coming to rapture those who believe solely and only in Him. Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the life and man goes to the Father (God) , except by Him. Only Jesus can save and He’s waiting for you to come to Him.

He says, come unto me all you that labour and are of heavy ladden and I will give you rest. You’re rest assured to lean on His shoulder for succour in your time of need and He will be available right now.

It doesn’t matter your position in life, He’s the all sufficient God! Neither does it matter the millions or billions you may have in your bank account, without Him  it doesn’t matter how much you give in your place of Worship, afterall He owns everything in this world as an Heir of God He truly is but please take note of this very thing: on the last day – the very day of Our Lord, only true believer shall be raptured. Them alone shall caught up with Christ on the cloud.

Who Are The True Believers?

The true Believers are those who Worship God in Spirit and in truth. Those who have given their lives to Christ and walk not according to the flesh but in Spirit. Real men and women are Spiritually minded. It’s their desire to know God more, to always seek God’s face and do His will and if by any chance they err yet they strive to obtain forgiveness, dust themselves up and still move on with their work with God. Real men and women’s hearts are fixed on God’s Word and maintains their relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Real men are not carnally minded; for to be carnally minded is death. However, to be Spiritually minded is life and will also give a man the peace of God which passes all understanding. A carnal man does anything that pleases him/her and has no regard for God; for they walk in the flesh. A carnal man is fleshly minded, spiritually dead and does not please God or seek God’s face. While the Spiritually minded person seeks the Lord’s face through prayers and making supplications to God. A Spiritually minded person have the mind of Christ, loves God, seeks His opinion in all his or her life’s endeavours and even before he or she takes a step, seeks direction from God always. And in so doing, he or she becomes and does things excellently in life just like King David in the Bible. He never does anything without seeking God’s face and God gave him victory over his enemies, gave him wealth, made many great and mighty men out of King David. No wonder he was called a man after God own heart.

There are so many great men and women who served the Lord Jesus Christ from their hearts never bite their fingers in shame or disgrace because God was and is with them.

Decide Now

It’s a decision you need to make whether to serve the Lord your God or not. We’ve been called to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and it doesn’t matter if you’re a Pastor , Bishop, Apostle or Prophet, Christian,  Muslim, Hindu, Jewish name them .

Jesus is the only true and sure way to God the Father, let no man or woman deceive you and if you’re Worshipping any other god other than the King Of Kings, the Lord Of Lords, the Lion of the tribe of Judea, The Ancient of days, the Soon Coming King (Jesus Christ Of Nazareth), you are on the wrong lane of life, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are.

Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life; He’s the only meanswer to get to God the Father and He’s the God the Son and we live by God the Spirit. The Holy trinity! Again, I say, let no man deceive you now for the timing is too short. Embrace God today through His Son Jesus Christ and receive eternal life into your life. Live for Jesus alone, let your first option, second option, third option and even fourth option be to serve the Lord your God. For there is no failure with God. Trust Him for everything and for anything. He’s able!


■”O Lord God, I believe with all my heart in Jesus Christ, Son of the living God. I believe He died for me and God raised Him from the dead. I believe He’s alive today. I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life from this day. Through Him and in His name, I have eternal life; I’m born again. Thank you Lord, for saving my soul! I’m now a child of God. Hallelujah! “

Congratulations!😊 You’re now Born Again!

If you read the above article and said the prayer , I will like to get in touch one on one with youto assist you with your work with God. It’s a miracle and you will live a life of Supernatural when you work with God. He’s a God of miracle, He’s the same yesterday, today and forever👇.



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