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Mission: To help billions of couples all around the world achieve great marital results and bring love and joy into their lives.

Are You Struggling To Fix Your Marital Relationship With Your Spouse? I’ve got good news For You! Hook Marriage Back contains some powerful online course tutorials for resolving all marital relationship conflicts. Hook Marriage Back is for all intending couples, newly married, married with kids, and married without Kids.

Vision: I help billions of couples all around the world to achieve great marital results and bring love and joy into their lives.

 Hook Marriage Back is a life-changing tool in the place of Online Course, E-books, Online magazines, Videos, and Multi-media. With each creation from Hook Marriage Back, we aim to share the knowledge that is true, simple, and practical, and that will transform the lives of people of the world.


Early 2018, and following a string of traumatic events in her personal and professional life, Rosalynda Igwe discovered a prominent secret – hook marriage back and proven principles of success in marriage.

An unknown visitor visited and gave her a gift that came as a small marriage book to digest. The book that talked about the ‘Principles Of Marriage’ was written in 2018. At that moment, Rosalynda says, “I heard it in my spirit to read that book, so I read through the pages one after the other. As I read on, I saw the mirror of what I was going through and its solution right in front of me. I took a deep breath and after a while, I realized that the pain I was constantly feeling right deep in my heart was lifted from me, I pressed my chest to look for it and it was gone. I gave thanks to God. I had the urge to share the secret with everyone who must have been going through a similar situation, so I decided to conduct more researches on resolving marriage conflicts and building a successful marriage . That was when I got a glimpse of Hook Marriage Back.”

In her words, she said, ”I began to research and investigate how to Hook Marriage Back by finding the secrets of success in marriage, it’s principles and marriage conflict resolutions and much more.” As Rosalynda traced the secrets of successful marriage back to the bible and through many other marriage books written by some best-selling Authors, incorporating almost every religion and eventually all the problems most couples face in marriage throughout history.

Almost immediately her life was transformed, as she began to put into practice all she had learned. And at that moment her greatest wish, and new life mission, was to share this great results and knowledge with the world.

In Hook Marriage Back, her E-book, E-magazine, and videos are of the same name, all were released in 2020. Lessons gathered were from the fields of marriage counselors, relationship advisors, marriage authors, marriage psychologists and therapists, history, theologians, and the science of marriage. Hook Marriage Back reveals its secrets within marriage contexts, tips, counselings, amazing real-life experiences of regular people who were positively affected in their unions in profound ways. By applying Hook Marriage Back their happiness was restored, depressions seized, fear left them and low esteem became high, lost of good emotions, and their love lives were both rekindled. Their minds became flourished and positive again and the couples started to work together to build great wealth after all hope was lost. Interestingly, High blood pressure became normal even that of Rosalynda. Couples learned to communicate properly and resolve relationship conflicts, constantly overcame major obstacles, and started achieving what many would regard as impossible. Divorce plans were suspended and relationships were successfully rebuilt. Children learned from their parents how to communicate with themselves and parents in love and living in harmony again.

Hook Marriage Back guides how to apply the full and powerful knowledge of marital bliss in your union and touches eventually all problems both intending couples, and married couples face in their relationships as well as done for you solutions in every aspect of marriage, from couples healthy lifestyle to wealth, from building a good relationship to a successful and happy marriage.

Hook Marriage Back Comprises of everything you have dreamed of in marriage and now it’s in your hands.


Live Workshop – My Live Workshops would always be announced on my ”Products Page” whenever it’s coming up. You would need to purchase a ticket for you to be part of it. I will also be teaching extensively on some critical issues and also resolve them. If you have any questions to ask, you can visit my homepage to submit them. Also, check on our F.A.Q. for your answers.

Online Course – This package comes in a recorded video format that I created especially for my clients. In my course videos, a lot of marital problems are touched, analyzed, and are usually resolved. Clients can also submit their questions and check the F.A.Q. later on for their answers. You can find my online course videos on my ”Products Page” and purchase any of them, you will be given a Username and Password to enable you to get access to the content of any of my course videos. You get lifetime access for each video you paid for.

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For a group of people who have different issues they’d need to deal with; and I will be teaching them based on their specific issues and attend to their questions. It’s still an exclusive package.

VIP Section – This is a one or two days section on zoom, together, focusing on helping my client to achieve a specific result.

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