Yes I can say that again: 3 Days To Go! Rosalynda’s New Song Release / Birthday On The 21st Of November, Hurray!!!

For my birthday gift to everyone, I’ll be officially releasing and sharing my new Song.

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Guess what? I’ve been thinking of a phrase words to give my song’s title. As of my time of writing this particular song, remember : it’s my first ever fully composed song, I titled it, Prevail. However, when I got to the and sang the song, my producer said it’s supposed to be titled Superstar. However, considering the state i was in when I received the song, considering the challenges I went through when I was trying to produce this particular song, I realised that I just cannot do without add the phrase ‘Prevail’ and ‘Superstar’ because these two words are what made up the song. So, I’ve finally came up with the song title, ‘Prevailing Superstar’ for the song which am about to officially release on my birthday, being 21st November, 2019.

So my dear fans and family, watch out for the Song ‘Prevailing Superstar’ By Rosalynda here on my website and on

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