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Dear Fashionistas,

How’re y’all doing today? I guess perfect!

Now Guess What?

I’ve moved my abandoned online fashion and beauty blog here on this blog. Yaaayyy…It’s indeed something to shout where I so much enjoyed telling some fashion and beauty stories, around some brands’ products and a clear review of them.

Wow, I must sincerely apologise to my fans and brands outfit there, I was busy focusing on my Childbirths and nursing my kids. Now, am ready to do what one of the things I love to do and as well, getting the best out for them.

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I conducted a few researches on what’s in vogue and found some outfits I would love to share with you.

These outfits are classic, beautiful, durable and very affordable. I would say, and from the look of things, their outfits seemed to had taken over the year 2020, in the fashion industry.

They ain’t just evolving but they’re as well revolving most outfits you and I seemed to know previously but in grand style.

They made more of their killer outfits available in their shop, and 90% of their outfits can be wore in all Countries irrespective the weather. I also observed that this online shop, are currently breaking the Internet with their online presence/visibility and fashion brand’s awareness.



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