Prevailing Superstar

Rosalynda, a Gospel Artist Musician, a Songwriter and an inspirational writer of the God’s word , officially releases her new Single, titled “PREVAILING SUPERSTAR” on her birthday today, being 21st of November. I released my first recorded Single, titled, BURNING’ early this year.

There’s something about this song Prevailing Superstar. It’s actually my first completed inspirational song in 2016 afterwhich I wrote my first short song (Lord I Love You More), that I got in dream few days before Prevailing Superstar.

Here’s my story behind this very song, Prevailing Superstar: one faithful morning, i really wept on my bed after loosing my 2nd paid job over what the Company’s lawyer tagged a conspiracy. I wasn’t just crying because of the job really but because i needed God’s direction on what He brought me here to do. So as locked myself up in the room crying unto God for help and direction. After much cry, I stopped and in a little why i heard in my spirit to get a pen and exercise book, which I did. Shortly after that i started to sing one of Sinach song, Lord your ability is at work in me , when i stopped and was quite for awhile, i began to hear a song that never existed before, singing in my spirit, I paid attention and then wrote it down. Not upto 15mins Prevailing Superstar was fully written and ready. As I was singing and dancing it, I came out to my palour and sang the new song everyone fell in love with the song and that was it.

The song is a testimony of my prevailing lifestyle in Christ. It ministered hope to me and am sure it will do the same to you. Since then I’ve been been living a prevailing lifestyle that oneself can only get in Jesus Christ can. Challenges may come my way but I always prevailed. The reason is simply because I put my trust in God always and He’s never failed me, He’s always by my side and I always prevailed.

This song will indeed strengthen you in whatsoever you’re believing in God for. If only you can put your trust in Him, you’ll always prevail in life no matter the circumstance you may find yourself in life. Am a witness and a proof of God’s what the Lord can do for anyone, and He’s just began a good work in me and will perfect it. God’s love is ever sure. And when God is by your side then you are His Prevailing Superstar. Nothing can beat that.




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